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My little hobby - What? and How did it start?

Okay, so asking famous (or well known) people what their favourite cheese is isn't the most normal thing to do.

It started at HUB3, a Torchwood Convention. Yup, I love Torchwood. Now moving on. I decided to ask about cheese, it was random and fun. Since then I have realised you can actually tell something about a person by their cheese preference. Seriously! Think of your favourite cheese and then look up the cheese and description, for example, on =)

The names and the cheeses


Simon Bestwick - Mozzarella 

Noel Clarke    -       Brie 

Terry Cooper - Mature Cheddar (extra)

Paul Cornell - Lancashire

Jane Espenson - "Can't beat a plain ol' extra sharp cheddar. Oh! Or Huntsman
 (Stilton + Gloucester)

Jaine Fenn - Pont l'Eveque 

John Finnemore - Roquefort 

Phil Ford - Chilli Cheddar 

Robin Furth   - Cheddar

Mark Gatiss - Jarlsberg 

Joseph Lidster - Feta 

Ken Macleod - Stilton (blue or white) 

Paul McAuley - Stilton 

Juliet E. McKenna - Lou Perac 

China Mieville - Halloumi 

Steven Moffat - Stinking Bishop 

Caitlin Moran - Comte 

James Moran  -       Medium to mature cheddar and Swiss Raclette

Mark Charan Newton - Derbyshire Sage 

Vaughan Sivell - Emmental 

Lavie Tidhar - Labneh 

Toby Whithouse - Stilton 



Thomas Guerrier   - Roquefort

Toby Haynes - Davidstowe - Crunchy Cornish Cheddar 

Paul McGuigan - Scottish Cheddar



Sue Vertue - Strong Cheddar



Mark Addy - Coquetdale

Jonathan Aris - Beaufort 

David Armand - Jarlsberg

Mark Armstrong - Stilton and Apricot 

Russell Balogh - Oak Smoked Cheddar 

Tony Banham - Cheddar 

John Barrowman - Boursin 

Robert Bathurst - Camembert 

Zach Braff - Cheddar

Louise Brealey - Pont l'Eveque 

Liz May Brice - Cheddar 

Tom Burke - Gruyere 

Gerard Carey - Smoked Applewood 

Jessie Cave  - Halloumi

Caroline Chikezie  - Cheddar

Clare Clifford - Roquefort 

Lily Cole - Goats Cheese 

Paul Copley Cave - aged Mahon Cheese (from Menorca, Spain)

Angel Coulby - Goats cheese

Heather Craney - Goats cheese 

Mackenzie Crook - Caerphilly

Benedict Cumberbatch  Manchego

Arthur Darvill - Baked Camembert 

Gareth David Lloyd   - Caerphilly 

Barnaby Edwards - Black Crowdie

Daniele Favilli - Parmigiano 

Martin Freeman - Brie

Karen Gillan - Gorganzola 

Rupert Graves - Cheddar 

Olivia Hallinan - Mozzarella

Nigel Havers - Vacherin

John Heffernan    - Roquefort

Ben Loyd Holmes - Cheddar

Adam James - Manchego 

Alex Jennings - Banon

Cush Jumbo - Very strong cheddar 

Christine Kavanagh - Vacherin 

Mason Kayne - Cheddar 

Sinead Keenan - Dubliner Cheddar, Wenslydale, Port Salut, and any red cheddar

Dervla Kirwan - Cheddar

Alex Kingston - Manchego

Lawry Lewin *NEW* - Camembert 

Rhodri Lewis - Cheddar 

Mark Lewis Jones - Caerphilly

Colin MacFarlane - Lincolnshire Bomber

Katy Manning - Brie 

James McArdle - Edam 

Bear McCausland - Mozzarella

Sylvester McCoy - Emmental  

Paul McGann - Hard Cheddar 

Murray Melvin - Brie 

Jonny Lee Miller - Mature English Cheddar 

Tobias Menzies - Cheddar

Damien Moloney - Gubeen 

Sharon Morgan - Caerphilly 

Eve Myles - Any Garlic ones 

Luke Newberry - Cheddar and cranberry

Chris O'dowd - Gorganzola 

Kai Owen - Grilled Halloumi

Katherine Parkinson   - Goats cheese

Eve Pearce - Roquefort

Nicholas Pegg - Gorganzola 

Steve Pemberton - Stinking Bishop 

Billie Piper - Babybell 

Camilla Power - Wensleydale with Apricot

Lara Pulver - Goats cheese 

Paul Ready - Gruyere

Steffan Rhodri   - Caerphilly

Adam Robertson - Goats cheese Gouda (Terschelling)

Andrew Scott - Brie

Graham Seed - Camembert 

Reece Shearsmith - Edam

Mark Sheppard - Manchego 

Matt Smith - Cheddar 

Sarah Solemani    -       Port-Salut 

Trevor Steedman - Stilton 

Peter Sullivan   - Emmental

Sarah Sutton - Applewood smoked Cheddar

William Thomas - Gouda 

Russell Tovey -       Emmental

Charity Wakefield   - Comte

Timothy West - Emmental

Liz White - Gorganzola

Jodie Whittaker - Goats cheese



James Corden - Mozzarella

Lenny Henry - ?

(I'm unsure - Hopefully that link works, if anyone can decipher please let me know - [email protected] - If the link stops working, I tweeted it on @2cajuman2 and it should be on my profile/in photos. I can also be reached via twitter.)

Catherine Tate  - Emmental



David Arnold - Manchego 

Murray Gold - Truffled Goats 



Boris Johnson - Old Cheddar

Jo Johnson  - Stilton and Manchego

Non-Cheese Eaters

The people who have replied with a more elaborate answer, were apologetic and separate from decliners.

Colin Baker - Allergic

Chris Jarman - Allergic 

Chris Lynch *NEW* - "My favourite cheese is the cheese that is not them. Cheese is wrong, and always will be. It scares me. It should scare you. It has no place at table, nor in mouth. In short ... ban cheese."

Simon Poland - "No cheese man" - bad for the voice

Adrian Tchaikovsky - "No cheese, please"


This is everyone who declined a favourite cheese answer unfavourably.

Danny Boyle - "I hate cheese" 

This is everyone who declined a favourite cheese answer but in a smiley poilte way.

Christopher Eccleston *NEW* - "No, thanks." 


For people who give a joke answer, some who only give a joke and some who answer properly too!

Dan Boultwood - Yellow Cheez

Martin Freeman - Dairylea 

Ben Loyd Holmes - Cheesecake

Tony Lee - "My favourite cheese is Processed cheese slices with Brie
on top and Wensleydale with cranberries wiped over my face
while I cry." 

Nabil Shaban - "In between my toes" 

A cheesey future

If you want to help by finding out a famous persons cheese, please reference me and/or this site.

Additionally, I would like proof. A link to a tweet from a verified or well known account, a video, a signed piece of paper, a picture with the celeb holding proof etc.  

Cheese Contributors

 This is a list of cheese helpers and what they provided!

They may have asked personally or sourced answers from the internet, but everything is gratefully received!

Contributors and their contributions


MagratPudifoot - Kevin Murphy (Mystery Science Theatre 3000)
- "Parmegiana Reggiano rools,"

Charlie - Simon Bird
- Goats Cheese

- Blake Harrison
- Hates cheese 

Midnight - Ray Thompson
- "Blue (with a nice Tirohana desert wine)"