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This site is solely focused on my Hobby, asking Famous (well known, soon to be known or should be very well known) people about their favourite cheese!

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I have also updated my links page. I am of course willing to add interesting links to my site, so just send me a message on Twitter and let me know!

We are now on Facebook! Under "Cheese and Famous People", please consider liking the page, I'll respond to all comments.

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About Me

My name is Rebecca, I enjoy observing life. It is a strange thing and people are curious beings. Sitting at a bus stop could be likened to sitting in a zoo, because the habits and peculiarities of the average human being are quite extraordinary! We're all normal, all abnormal and all perfectly insane. You wanted sensible sentences? Okay.

I enjoy new projects and developing something fresh and exciting. I enjoying using my imagination and enjoy a small (large) amount of pressure. I also spend a lot of time thinking and analysing things.  In my spare time, I enjoy writing, photography and filming. I currently have several filming projects in preproduction which I intend to create this year and also a couple of plays which must be written so I can write more plays.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to talk to me! I can be found on twitter, facebook, via email or various other social networking sites.